Welcome To Inno-Hive

Inno-Hive is a grass root charity organization whose vision is to enhance the advancement of education by helping youth and adults fulfill their passions while building 21st century skills that prepare them for success today and in the future. We create an ecosystem of programs and events that integrates technology-rich, hands-on programming with strategic community partnership opportunities, technical training, consulting services with high quality and accountability to the needs of the community.

  • Raise awareness and educate adults with technology skills that will make them employable for the jobs of tomorrow
  • Research new trends to ensure relevant skills for the jobs of tomorrow are continuously embedded in the mission of Inno-hive
  • Build strategic community partnerships
  • Enhance the advancement of modern education while empowering adults to be ready for the jobs of tomorrow with the necessary skills that are not readily available in the education system today

Our Mission

The mission of Inno-Hive is to enrich people’s lives through strategic partnerships, innovative programs and services that enhance the advancement of modern education in order to develop competent learners and foster local economic development and growth.

For more information on the many exciting events and programs we have planned, please fill in the form below with your questions and comments. We would love to hear from you.

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