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Inno-Hive welcomes partnerships. You can be our community partner and access all our programs for your community of stakeholders or you can be our delivery partner and collaborate with us to offer programs. As a grass-root organization building an eco-system of partnerships, we are counting on the support of our sponsors and donors to make our programs available for free (where possible) for our participants.

Community Partners

Learning Disability Association of York Region

LDAYR continues to support the community with many partnership programs offered through Inno-Hive and beyond.

Delivery Partners

STEM Minds

STEM Minds is a strong supporter of Inno-Hive and offers many technolpgy workshops to children.

People Bright Consulting

People Bright Consulting are experts in Human Resources and talent building. Their workshops support our employability skill building programs.

Sponsorship Partners

Youth Culture Inc

Youth Culture is a proud supporter of Inno-Hive. Their sponsorship allows us to provide programs to the youth community.