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Youth Employment Pathways for Success

Get ready for 21th century STEM industries! This unique program is designed for refugee and newcomer young adults between 17 and 25 years old who are interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math careers.

The program provides youth with four weeks of Career exploration and identification through virtual workshop sessions, access to STEM employers and/or mentors, job coaching, experiential learning and networking opportunities with STEM industry leaders.

Program benefits:

  • Virtual Game-based learning(MindGage)
  • STEM based Employment Coaching
  • Networking opportunities with STEM Industry leaders
  • Webinars and guest speakers on related topics
  • Customer service Certificate
  • Six months of follow up support

See employment services available Click Here



  • Networking opportunities with professionals from STEM fields
  • Receive extensive coaching on career and education path, building a research based career action plan
  • Building professional network
  • Support from youth employment team to access and gain employment


This program is available to newcomer and refugee young adults between 17 and 25 years of age.

Youth Employment Pathways for Success is available free of charge.

Microsoft: Azure (Cloud Computing)

Students can earn free credits while learning Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform! 

Azure for Students – Free account credit | Microsoft Azure

Azure for Students Starter | Microsoft Azure

Students (and others) can also learn content on Microsoft Learn | Microsoft Docs which allows for sandbox environments to be spun up for the duration of the specific topic in the Learn course.

HP Life: Skill Building

HP Life is another program with many skill-building resources. Visit the link below to learn more!



STEM Minds offers free trial courses and foundational courses in topics like coding, video game design, media, and more! Visit the link below to view all course options. 

STEAM Hub – Free Trial courses